Acupuncture is over two thousand years old and has brought benefit to millions and millions of people. The origins of Acupuncture began with the discovery that channels of energy course the length and breadth of the human anatomy and power the functions of the organs. Blocks in the flow of energy can cause the symptoms of illness. By taking the patient's medical history, feeling the patient's pulse and looking at the patient's tongue the practitioner is able to formulate a treatment strategy. Through the use of fine gauge needles and carefully chosen points along the energy channels the free flow of energy is gently restored paving the way for profound healing of mind, body & spirit.

In 2001 the World Health Organization (WHO) listed 28 medical conditions that acupuncture has been documented to treat effectively. These include the following:

headaches – knee pain – lower back pain – arthritis – depression – period pains – hypertension – post operative pain – stroke – tennis elbow – sciatica

In addition the World Health Organization reported on 63 other medical conditions where acupuncture has also proved effective but is the subject of ongoing research. These include the following:

insomnia – stiff neck – pre menstrual syndrome – abdominal pain – asthma – cancer pain - competition stress syndrome – alcohol dependence – facial spasm – fibro- myalgia – gallstones – shingles – male sexual dysfunction – post operative convalescence – tobacco dependence – colitis – female infertility - 07981 756804