I have been seeing Andrew for reflexology for almost 3 years now. Andrew is an absolutely wonderful practitioner. He is extremely attentive and empathetic, listening carefully and asking insightful questions. There is something very magical and spiritual about the way Andrew works that inspires trust and very deep relaxation. It is difficult to explain what a profound experience it is to have reflexology with Andrew. I always leave very grounded, something subtle having shifted inside. I would wholeheartedly recommend Andrew, and in fact, already have to many friends.
Kimcha, 2011

I started reflexology treatments with Andrew to address a particular health problem. I find the treatments incredibly effective not only health wise but also in terms of my general wellbeing. I leave our sessions feeling relaxed and calm, which is a real benefit to me as my job can be quite demanding. I find Andrew to be a warm and friendly person and he quickly puts you at ease so that you can fully relax and get the most out of your session. I would definitely recommend reflexology with Andrew to any of my friends.
Gemma Stuart, 2011

Just to say, what a joy it has been to have my reflexology treatments with you. I come away from these sessions completely relaxed and feeling so good. What I appreciate also is the time taken before the treatment to talk and determine what is going on for me, so that you can tailor the treatment accordingly. As I have mentioned previously, I will want to continue my treatments with you as I feel you are one of the best practitioners I have been privileged to meet.
VH, 2011

In a compassionate, light, and smiling way Andrew has shown a deep and genuine care for my growth and development. Alongside the (blissful) reflexology treatment itself, Andrew has been very generous in sharing a range of skills and insights with me - including meditation, qigong exercises, and talking through and helping me to understand my wellbeing and spiritual goal - serenity within the midst of accomplishment.
Andrea Cooper, 2011

Andrew brings something extra to a reflexology treatment. His focus and care create an atmosphere of deep relaxation that has left me feeling completely refreshed and revitalised.
Helen Jeffreys Reiki Master, 2007

I started to see Andrew after a very traumatizing series of health problems. His caring, kind, calm and competent treatment helped me very much in the healing process. After each session I felt deep relaxation and confidence. Andrew approaches his patients as whole human beings giving support in challenging times. I'm very grateful and can only recommend him to everyone.
Monica Jager, 2010

Andrew brings an extraordinary quality of presence and kindness to his skill in reflexology. His treatments are relaxing, rejuvenating and profoundly healing. He is a reflexologist that I intend to stay connected with for my own health and well being and will consistently recommend to friends and family.
Laura Power, 2008

andrewbburton@hotmail.co.uk - 07981 756804