Benefits of Meditation


A daily meditation practice can reduce stress levels, alleviate episodes of chronic pain, lower high blood pressure, ease insomnia, strengthen immunity, and soothe anxiety and depression.


Psychotherapists Alberto Perez-De-Albeniz and Jeremy Holmes stated in the International Journal of Psychotherapy that meditation encourages positive thinking and patience.


Meditation enables us to choose what we give our attention to. Like a top athlete we can be ‘totally in’ what we’re doing. Instead of being all caught up in the past or fantasising about the future we begin to be more fully present. We enjoy more and more a freedom from all that distorts our deepest creativity.


Meditation is known to awaken self-esteem, the attraction of more warmth and kindness from others as well as one being able to express more warmth and compassion to others. People often report an improvement in their relationships. - 07981 756804